Ella Arps

LinkedIn groep

Leden van deze wereldwijde LinkedIn groep  ondertschrijven  allemaal de boodschap van deze groep: "We aim at a safe business surrounding and enable all parties to develop their marketing and collectors information.
The LinkedIn group "Fine art professionals and collectors"" is based on an international art-exchange in various galleries connected with gallery arps&co.
We stretch to keep contemporary art on reasonable prices with good payment conditions if needed to help people to build up a nice art collection.


het initiatief komt van  Galerie Arps&Co fine arts since 1902  We zijn in 2014 een Window galerie begonnen in Amsterdam, met een selectie van de deelnemers aan deze LinkedIn groep.

Arps & Co are dedicated to bringing a wide variety of fine art to as broad a public as possible.

We encourage and present programmes that aim to sustain, renew or improve the quality of artistic endeavour across cultures. With a focus on international and interdisciplinary projects, we are interested in the exchange of ideas and the broadening of perspectives, in fostering creative expression from the roots of the community to the heights of the artistic establishment.

In 1902, Wim Arps started Arps & Co in the Nobelstreet, The Hague. It became a very popular art gallery, purveyor to the Royal Household and a meeting place for contemporary artists. One hundred years later we renewed this initiative to gather fine artworks and foster creative endeavour, by creating a virtual meeting place at www.Arpsgallery.com.

Ella Arps and her son Niels




drawn by Nick OldhamARP ARP(3)